How much should a wedding photographer cost?

I thought it was about time, I addressed the most common question I get asked by couples.

Wedding photography is a big aspect of your day and it really is one worth investing in. The photos you receive back, will provide you with memories that you will be able to look back on and treasure for many years to come.

Picking the right photographer is an important decision when planning your wedding, however with so many options available to you, how much should you really set aside for photography on your big day?

The wedding photography market is saturated and prices vary dependent on the type of photographer you are employing on your wedding day. On the whole, I would generally say that price is a definite indication of a wedding photographers capability.

Expect costs to start from around £1,000, but understand that the average cost of a wedding photographer in the the UK is £1,500

You can often get a really good photographer for between £1,000 and £1,500. Photographers within this price range are often established photographers trying to compete for business within their area, if it is saturated with lower end wedding photographers.

£1,500 is the average cost for a dedicated and knowledgeable wedding photographer. Photographers within this price point, will understand how to cope with any situation your wedding day throws at them, such as a sudden downpour, forcing you inside for group and couple shots, but still get the best pictures.

For these price points, I would expect you to get around 400-500 fully edited watermark free images on a USB or via a downloadable gallery.

I personally would question anyone charging less than a £1,000 for a full days worth of coverage. It may be that the photographer isn't insured, have the correct equipment, training or experience to cover your day.

If less than £1,000 | Check for hidden costs.

I'd also check for hidden costs. I can guarantee that almost all professional photographers will have been contacted by a couple, who thought they had found an absolute bargain with another photographer and ended up with poor images and spiraling hidden costs. If it feels too good to be true, it usually is.

If less than £1,000? | You may be employing someone who is a keen amateur photographer or someone trying to break into the wedding photography business. This is a nice option for those on a tight budget, but keep your expectations realistic.

If you are paying less than £1,000, you may be employing someone who is a keen amateur photographer, a student or someone who is trying to break into the business of wedding photography. I've been here and it really is a baptism of fire. The chances are that the photographer thinks they have the right kit, but probably doesn't. They may not have public liability insurance and you do run the risk of not getting professional level photos. That's not to say this isn't a bad option if you are on a tight budget, but keep your expectation levels realistic if you are paying for a photographer within this price range.


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