How do I choose the right Wedding Photographer?

The photography market is one of the most competitive in the wedding industry, giving potential Brides and Grooms an array of photographers to choose from. But how do you choose the right one?

Meet your photographer before booking them

You need to be mindful that your chosen photographer will be shadowing your every move. Do not underestimate the need for compatibility. The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the better the result will be. Meeting with your photographer is an important step in providing you with the reassurance that your photographer has a firm grasp of social graces, but will also be assertive enough to organise on the day.

Be wary of rock bottom prices

When searching for your Wedding Photographer, be wary of those charging rock bottom prices. A Wedding day for a Photographer is a lengthy affair. One wedding can take up approximately 35-40 hours to complete, which includes pre meets, scouting venues, the Wedding day itself, followed by the culling and editing process. That's not to mention expenses, public liability insurance, editing software and thousands of pounds worth of camera gear. As a professional, who understands what is required to shoot and produce beautiful images on a Wedding Day, I question what corners are being cut to offer these rock bottom prices. Do they have public liability insurance? Is their camera gear of a professional standard? Are there any hidden costs? Is the editing process being compromised?

How comfortable are they shooting in low light? / Do they have the right equipment to shoot in low light?

Weddings are very much a low light affair for a Photographer and having the right equipment to shoot in low light will ensure that image quality is not compromised. A full frame camera, compared to a crop frame camera will give a photographer much cleaner images in low light, as well as having the right lenses to handle low light events, usually lenses that have a fixed maximum aperture at F2.8 or less will allow for cleaner images, without compromising image quality if flash is forbidden at your venue at certain points throughout the day.

How many cameras does your photographer use?

Just like any other electronic equipment, cameras can malfunction and fail. I have seen so many photographers using just one camera to capture an entire day, with no backup. If the camera fails, the one camera photographer's day is over and you will lose all those memorable images that you had hoped for.

What happens if your photographer is taken sick, or unable to attend? Do they have a backup?A seasoned Wedding Photographer, will have links with other Photographers in the area, who are willing to step in should something happen to your chosen photographer.

Do they have public liability insurance?

Some venues will not let your photography even step foot in the venue to work if they don't have public liability insurance. Public Liability covers the liability for any damage caused to another person or property, accidentally whilst undertaking work. This could be a simple accident such as someone falling over a tripod to being "bumped" with a long lens, right through to more serious issues that could leave people scarred or disabled for life.

Make sure you understand and have a photography contract in place

Having a contract in place, protects both the Photographer and the Bride and Groom and details the service level agreement that you are signing up for.

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